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    Ultherapy Lifts Sagging Skin–I Love This!

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What our patients say

  • megage_seth_starnes

    "Since starting the medAge® program, I have more energy and stamina both throughout the day and on the track. I've gained control of my nutrition to help me properly fuel my body. Today I am able to make smarter choices about what I eat thanks to the education and support I receive from the medAge® team. Everyday I look in the mirror and smile when I realize the progress and success I've had on the program. The complete approach to give me the edge I need to train harder during the week and to win on Sunday!"

    Seth Starnes, AMA Racer

  • megage_reggie_atkins

    "On the medAge® Program, everyday, all day long, I have the energy, endurance, and muscular strength to do whatever I need to do. My new hashtag is IDGT= I Don’t Get Tired!"

    Reggie Atkins, Human Resource Manager for uS Army Airborne Operations

  • temetimony-patrick

    "Before medAge® I confided with my partner that I felt that I was a “lost cause.” I was getting old, over-weight, depressed, and often breathless after climbing a simple flight of stairs. I realized that over several years my health had gradually but steadily spiraled downward to a point that I felt was irreversible. Strangely, I was satisfied to remain in this state probably because I did not realize that with a few tweaks in diet, supplementation, and hormone therapy I could regain beneficial sleep, renewed energy, and a positive disposition. medAge® changed my life for the better and forever. Truly a lifesaver!”

    Patrick Hutchings, Stage Production